Hey there.


I have some news…. I have decided to take ITSY BITSY to another host.

As you can see, Over the past week, Itsy Bitsy on WordPress has been slowly coming down…wompwomp;)

I started itsy bitsy nearly SEVEN years ago and I started out using Blogger as the host. I loved it. One day I got the wild hair to switch over to wordpress because it seemed to be a super cool layout and really neat page front. Well after two years or even longer of using wordpress, I still within me can’t find anything that I just LOVE about it. I feel more in control of my blogspot set up. So, I’ve decided after two longs years to take Itsy Bitsy back over to Blogger because I LOVED it. Simple as that. This is just my own personal opinion. Some people like wordpress better. Everyone is entitle to their own opinion right!

Happy Reading & Blogging, and please visit me on the new site!



About itsybitsybrianna

I'm a mid-twenty year old little lady. I live for those "ah haaa" moments where my creativity completely takes over my mind. In that place, I am able to take what others consider a "nothing", and turn it into a true beauty. This is what I want to do everyday for the rest of my life. New doors are being open in my life from constant faith and prayer knowing that God has complete control over everything in my life. LIVE. LOVE. CREATE. INSPIRE

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