Hey there.


I have some news…. I have decided to take ITSY BITSY to another host.

As you can see, Over the past week, Itsy Bitsy on WordPress has been slowly coming down…wompwomp;)

I started itsy bitsy nearly SEVEN years ago and I started out using Blogger as the host. I loved it. One day I got the wild hair to switch over to wordpress because it seemed to be a super cool layout and really neat page front. Well after two years or even longer of using wordpress, I still within me can’t find anything that I just LOVE about it. I feel more in control of my blogspot set up. So, I’ve decided after two longs years to take Itsy Bitsy back over to Blogger because I LOVED it. Simple as that. This is just my own personal opinion. Some people like wordpress better. Everyone is entitle to their own opinion right!

Happy Reading & Blogging, and please visit me on the new site!



Hey Hey!! I had a GREAT night with friends tonight. Good Convo. Good Laughs. Good eats. Good Good Night! I also had an adventurous trip to walmart.

On to more important things…


Tomorrow my dad is having back surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers. his surgery will be around 7…maybe before that but definitely around that time. Please just pray for an easy surgery and a quick recovery.

He has to get better. I know he’s going stir-crazy sitting inside for the past week and a half…now he has to sit longer. Bless his little sweet heart. 

PRAYING FOR YOU DAD! I’ll see you tomorrow night.


Go watch the new John & Jacob video, like ASAP and pass it along to all your friends!

I know you will enjoy.

Bye for now


P.S. Can’t WAIT to be in Birmingham until Sunday!!!! OH & how did I forget to mention, Frances because and aunt for the THIRD time today!! Congrats Leah & Camren! Kinley is going to be spoiled rotten!!!


Hey hey! I am dying over tonights top two.

I chose to pick two of my favorites pieces from THAKOON. And seriously….d y i n g. 

S t u n n i n g. G o r g e o u s. P e r f e c t.

Here are my top two. Enjoy.


Sleeveless Cross-Front Combo Dress

I love this dress because it has several different textures and patterns going on, but it isn’t overwhelmed by obnoxious colors.


Loving Loving this denim. 

Here are a few more of my FAVORITES…sorry I couldn’t resist.

I think I could post these photos all night.

Hope you enjoyed tonights GORGEOUS gorgeous g o r g e o u s post.

bysie bye




Hi ThereMonday wasn’t so bad huh?!? I still have the determination to make every monday the best it can be. I just feel bad for Monday. Everyone dreads it, but it doesn’t change the situation. Every monday will come…every single week. So, why not just LOVE them. Actually come to think of it, today, most business were closed to observe the holiday. 

We were REALLY busy at work because of everyone being off. BUT we all loved it. 

My poor little Dad went to the doctor today. He has been having some serious back troubles, and found out today he will be having surgery this week. Keep him in your prayers. I will be taking off on Friday so I can be home and visit with him.

I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my family. I sure have missed the heck out of them . Also, I can’t wait to see my sparklies (the friends I worked with in bham before I moved to flo). We are going out to celebrate Tiffany’s Birthday! CANT WAIT DOLL!

Photo on 2013-01-21 at 22.08 #5

Anyway, HAPPY MONDAY loves. 






Had the BEST weekend with the best gal friend and her momma! We always have the best time in Huntsville. We might have shopped a little….but only a little. We relaxed, adventured to new places, and planned! I’d say it was a really successful weekend.

We went and saw the beautiful botanical gardens. our minds were blown. GORGEOUS. PERFECT. ahhhh.

Who’s ready for the coming weekend? THIS GIRL.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Oh p.s. new blog planning going on.


Saturday Morning

Hey all!

It’s SATURDAY andI’m in Huntsville. Sipping on a nice cup of coffee with my basically 2nd mom:) Mary Mac! We LOVE having coffee together! 

Today we have a busy and FUN day. We are going to the botanical gardens to look around, then we are finishing the rest of the day with a little shopping.

LOVE it.

Photo on 2013-01-19 at 07.35 #3

Will take lots of photos to share later.

Bysie Bye


Itsy Bitsy Wishlist

Hey there!!! 

How was Thursday for you? Mine was WONDERFUL!!

We got a good shipment of apparel today at work, so I spent a good bit of my time at work unboxing, hanging, steaming, folding, merchandising apparel! It was soo much fun! LOVED IT!

Tonight I went to the Adam’s house to workout, watch AI with Frances, and hang with the whole family!

Tonight I have a wish list for you to peek at!! Enjoy.

wishlisttootles for now, 

OH tomorrow after work Im headed to HUNTSVILLE with the BESTIE and Mary Mac!!!



Maison Scotch. L o v e

Hi loves

Tonights Top two picks are by the WONDERFUL Maison Scotch. Here are my picks!


Sequin Collar Army Blouse


Printed Silky Pants

Here is a BEAUTIFUL Bonus!

Check out Maison Scoth and tell me a few of your favorites designs!

OH one last thing, I have a HAIR Appointment tomorrow woohooo!!!


Little Bro

I have just spent like two hours watching old videos on my mac that I had totally forgotten about. They seriously made my heart smile. My favorite one was one of me and my little brother that I don’t even remember recording. It was just us two on Thanksgiving! He has grown up so much since then!


That’s all for tonight. It’s Freezing here….like literally FREEZING. 

I’m going to cuddle into my warm blankies. Night for now.



Hey Hey Heyyyy

FINALLY tomorrow is  F R I D A Y

and I’m beyond excited about that! Well….on Monday, I dressed soooo not cute to work. I didn’t realize when I left Florence on Saturday that I had forgotten my coat. It was Freezing on Monday and Honestly I just wanted my coat and I wanted to be warm! Since I was coming from Huntsville, that wasn’t an option. So, basically…I wore a hoodie. Not cute. Hated it. So I vowed that I HAD to make up for it for the rest of the week. 

Here’s a little bit of how I’ve attempted to make up for it. Enjoy my photos and clothing too!!!

Photo on 2013-01-09 at 07.19 #2

Photo on 2013-01-09 at 07.19 #3

Photo on 2013-01-09 at 07.19

Photo on 2013-01-09 at 07.20 #3
Photo on 2013-01-09 at 07.19 #5What are some styles you have been wearing lately?!?!

Please share!!! I need new inspirations.

Tootles for tonight




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