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Hi there.

Yeah…it is 11:38 and I am just now blogging for Tuesday. NOT OKAY in my opinion. I hate so bad that my blogging has been so out of whack for the past couple of months. Again, like i’ve already told you, this isn’t  going to be a constant thing at all! It’s just going to be this way for the remainder of the time we have to work on this project for work that has been keeping me super busy so late. It’s all good though. I am still LOVING it. Tiring?!? Why YEAH it is. But fun none the less. Oh gah I must beat the clock!! 

It’s time for TOP TWO… and it my loves is all about KENZO. And I could seriously just cry because I love my picks so SO much. I want them now…in my possession. I would do almost anything to wake up in the morning and some magical fairy has so graciously delivered them to me. ahhh dreamy.

Anyway on with the picks I guess


Puffed Sleeve Kenzo Logo Top.

I need this….now. right this second. Please Please Please, if you’re a family member click on the link and buy me this for Christmas. Please Im begging. I’ll love it and cherish it forever and eternity.


Pleated Cropped Pants.

Umm Hi gorgeous green. I am in love with you. and those SHOES. love. This whole entire look I just love.

KENZO has stolen my heart…its official. It is now 12:02 and I have officially missed Tuesday’s post. But we are going to look over that tonight. Just forgive me this one last time. I PROMISE I will be back to normal blogging schedule soon. Hopefully Hopefully soon!

Tootles for now



Fendi Top Two

Tonight it’s one of my FAVORITE posts of the week.

Top Two Tuesday. My apologies for it being so late tonight. By now, you all know what’s going on in work-land, so that’s my excuse for the late postings. Sounds like a good reason to me!

So back to Top Two. This week I am choosing from Fendi Handbags.

So without further jibber-jabber, here are my TOP TWO PICKS. Enjoy.


The Cut-Velvet Pattern Leather Tote

Ohhhh LORD this bag. I am seriously in love with it. Odds are I will see myself tonight in my dreams, carrying this thing so proudly on my arm. Oh what I would do… i n L O V E love love!!!


Chameleon Satchel

This one is also so pretty! Basically, I am in serious need of a new bag. Thanks to Frances I have one. She’s been letting me borrow one of hers, but I definitely need to get a new one! Thank the LORD for great friends!!!

Stop by Fendi and tell me what your favorites are!

Bysie Bye



Top Two…or three, four, five, etc.

hi hi hiiiii

Okay so once again I sit here needing to rest, with my eyes closed, and all nestled up and cuddle into the arms of…Well, none other than my cozy blanket of course! But instead of resting, nestled, and cuddled, I sit here in front of my computer, with a couple of TOP items that I want & definitely think I NEED!

Let the list being…

The Double Crepe Andea Coat – Shoshanna

The Ena Crepe Jacket – Alice + Olivia

Long Jacket – Stella McCartney 

Wide Leg Plaid Pants – Alice + Olivia

The Zooey Shirtdress – Shoshanna

Motorcycle Jacket – Alice + Olivia

Oh and SOOO many more things. Goodness, it’s a shame Im not made of money!!!

Well tell me…who are a few of your favorite designers and what are your favorite items for the week. YES I said week!! Share away loves.

sweetie peaches, 



Hey my dears. Another late night of working. Who all has thought today was Monday? I sure did! But, glad to know it wasn’t!!! Tomorrow is Wednesday already which is a little hard to believe. 

I already plan on staying in Florence for the weekend! Hopefully I will get to shop a little for a project at work. Then I also would LOVE to see Miss Adrianne.

Any Birmingham Friends wants to come for a visit….please do so!!

Tonight it’s time for a TOP TWO post.

This weeks TT is all about MIHA STUDIO Styles.


I am head-over-heels in love with this entire look and styling. The light tones of this are so refreshing and crisp. AND those shoes…perfect.


Once again with the shoes. PERFECT! 

Take a Look at MIHA STUDIO and tell me your top two picks.

tootlie lou


I’ll have a tall glass of Kors Please

Hi. Tonight I want to share this photo with you!

Just a small collage of our night finishing up the FIRST set of books for this project! Tonight we packaged up this entire model (we have 4 sets in all…three to go!) We’ve been working working working as you’ve read about….It’s a lot of work but like i’ve already mentioned I am LOVING the hands on work. I can’t help it. I just have so much creative energy to get out.

Okay so now for a normal and typical blog post. It’s time for TOP TWO.

This Tuesdays TT is all about Michael Kors


Shirred Top & Wide-Leg Pant

I am a short girl. So, these style and cut of trousers lengthen my legs. With the perfect pair of wedges, these give the illusion that I am a little taler than what I really am. LOVE THESE!


This ANORAK snap down I am completely completely in LOVE with. I will be need this as soon as it starts to get cold. I feel like since Florence sits right on the Tennessee River, it’s so much colder here. So a new coat is a must for this cool fall and cold cold winter. Oh I will be making this purchase soon!

Stop by MK! Have a looksie, come back and tell me what your TOP TWO picks are!

Thanks for stopping by



Top Two – Sugarlips Apparel

Hi there! Tonight I am getting back to my Top Two post. I have missed it. Things have been crazy in Florence, Alabama the past couple of weeks. I keep thinking to myself, I will get back to the swing of things next week. I will figure out my routine in few weeks. Well the weeks keep passing and everything keeps changing. Maybe just maybe, this IS the new routine and swing of things, and thats perfectly fine by me! Just a quick catch-up I am still l o v i n g being back in Florence. It’s just a place you have to see for yourself! Come for a visit. 

So this weeks Top Two is all about Sugar Lips Apparel. 

I recently posted about one of their dresses, the optical illusion dress. So as I was getting info on that dress I couldn’t help but find myself looking around the sale items. Come on, who doesn’t like a good buy?

So here are my TOP TWO Sugar Lips sale pieces 


Button Front Tulip Skirt – $25


The Haze Along Skirt – $35

Both of these items as I said are on sale which is the perfect excuse to make a purchase!  Go shop SUGARLIPS! You’ll Love it. Also, come back and tell me what your favorite items are.

 bysie bye


TOP TWO: Backstitch


I just discovered the most ADORABLE fabric on the planet. So, my top two post will be from BACKSTITCH!


Peacocks! I would totally LOVE a shirt out of this. Oh gah dreamy dreamy dreamy.


Scandi London Bus

Backstitch seriously has the most ADORABLE patterned fabrics I have ever seen! I want to purchase purchase purchase. 

I have been so inspired lately by patterns, just in general. What has been inspiring you?

Oh, today I wore the FAB Oval Loopty! and it made me smile! ha:)

tootles for now





Hey There. It’s that time of the week. TUESDAY! Which means Top Two Tuesday.

Tonight I had the pleasure of going to a jewelry party with Frances.  I was so surprised when we started helping Mareth unload all of the jewelry and setting up for display. There were some seriously gorgeous pieces. Of course, every item I was putting out, I was ‘Oooing-and-ahhhing’ over. 

So tonight for Top Two, I figured oh Why not go all for Silpada! My top two Silpada Picks are


We all know Brianna is a sucker for any watch. GOSH I love watches. so. much. SO much. So when I realized Silpada had more watches than I thought, I was completely ecstatic. This sterling silver watch is GORGEOUS and super unique. I love it.

I am in LOVE with the ‘be true to your dreams’ ring. How inspiring is that? There were So many items that this company had, it made it so incredibly hard to narrow down to only two items. So, really I had MANY things I would LOVE to add to my jewelry collection. 

Definitely check out SILPADA and tell me your TT picks. Also, the link to Silpada that I have given is directly to my friend Mareth’s representative page! So, if you order, definitely order through Mareth. She’s great. 



French Connection

Hi hi. oh yawn. I can barely hold my eyelids open right now.

I’ve had an entirely busy day, but very very productive! And that my friend, I love. I love at the end of a day where you feel like you hadn’t wasted one second of the day, and you can finally let yourself relax…Ahhh it’s great!

Tonight I have a new TOP TWO post for you.

Tonight, it’s all about French Connection

My Top Two choices from FC are


Mimosa Mist Mini Shorts! I have one more beach trip coming up and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for these to be packed in my bag. I am head over heels for the shade of them.


The Toledo Stripe Flared Mini is so cute…and its STRIPES so of course thats a bonus.

Check out French Connection, and let me know what your TOP TWO picks are.

bysie for now.



Hi there! Today was a pretty good day. Work was the norm. At lunch, Tiffany and I decided today was the PERFECT day to go shop a little on our lunch break. So, we rounded up Mel B, Cheryl, & Chris and we all went shopping. Unfortunately I walked out of the store empty handed! But still, just browsing was a relief from work.

As always I have a top two post for you tonight!

This weeks TOP TWO comes from Sosie! Sosie has absolutely GORGEOUS pieces of clothing and they just bring such a warm feeling around my heart. I   l o v e   t h e m!!!

So here are my TOP TWO SOSIE picks this week


Bonbon Color Block Tunic

This this this….googlie-eyed over this. Seriously. It’s so adorable.


Etoile Chiffon Black Dress.

This dress I feel could be one other of those MUST have dresses. It’s so pretty, classy, and chic. I am absolutely in LOVE with

Now, its your turn to check out Sosie & shop away. Don’t forget to come back and share with me your picks! That would make my day!!

Thanks so much for reading.

Bye for now




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