Hey Hey!

Well tonight my new furniture was supposed to be delivered….didn’t come. I am BEYOND mad about this and someone WILL get an ear full from me tomorrow! anyway on to happier things.

So instead of lounging on my new sofa tonight, I am having a wonderful evening filled with people I love. Frannie, Brent & I had a fun shopping time at Hobby Lobby. I spent a few minutes making a new door piece for my front door!!!! I LOVE being in the same town as my best gal pal. It’s SO much fun.

Tonight I am going to share some of my FAVORITE Instagram photos of the week!

Here we go…

New Coffee Spot in my kitchen is my FAVORITE place. It’s the tiniest little cutsie area!








Those are only a few. I mean everyone knows the instagram love that goes on in ONE day. Therefore my list could go on and on and on and on. 

Well I’ve got to get my exercise in for the day. Tootles friends




Hi loves!

HAPPY FRIDAY NIGHT. Tonight Frances, Mary Mac, and I all went to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe that was put on by the Shoals Theater.

It was SO good. The cast did an awesome job. It really made us want to get involved with it.

Here’s a little doodle from tonight. I’ve been back to my normal self. I can’t lie to you….I’ve been in a really dry spell lately and I have HATED it. I think all of the overtime work really drained me physically and creatively. So I think giving myself a break has really helped! 

Tomorrow is going to be a FUN FAB day. We are heading to Mississippi for a shopping day. FUN!

Will definitely post photos.

P.s. I didn’t tell you. I’ve been getting headaches at LEAST once a week from straining my eyes at a computer all of the time. Finally, I had enough and made an eye doctors appointment. Solution. Glasses. Well, Dr. Moore called this morning saying my glasses were ready! Wahoooo. I have new glasses and can see!

Tootles for now


Starting November Right.

Here are the things that will be inspiring me this month.


Well Well 

I sure hope you find a few things that will inspire you this month!!! Start it off right and surely things will keep spinning in those creative brains.

Tomorrow night is First Friday in Downtown Florence! See you there.



FRIDAY = Jean day.

I have NEVER in my life been so excited to wear jeans! Why is it that when you can’t have something, you seem to want it ALL the more? Is it just part of Human Nature? Ever since I started working at PSI, I just want to wear jeans everyday….but can’t. YES I love using that as a great excuse to dress up a whole lot and naturally I love that. But there is always a part of me that just simply wants to wear jeans, maybe even some with holes in them! 

So here are some photos I’ve been collecting over the week specifically for being so freaking excited to wear my NEW jeans tomorrow!


I can’t WAIT to wear my jeans tomorrow. I really just don’t know if I am going to sleep well because of this. And Yep, you guessed it. Tomorrow I will have photos of my style. So be sure and check back Saturday Morning. 

Frances and I are heading straight to Madison & Huntsville after work. SUPER excited for a much need shopping & jewelry making weekend.

Bysie Bye


tgif strings

Hi. obviously my week & future weekend will be filled with strong, yarn, and embellishments!

Can’t complain. Here is some inspiration for this weeks totally gorgeous and inspirational frenzy.

What has been inspiring you lately?

Share share share!!

Stop by FAB art & design and check out our Looptie Jewelry!!

Tootles for now


Another Birthday times TWO & TGIF Cosmetic Need

Holy BUSY DAY. My work pal Chris and I didn’t leave work until Seven! It was an insanely busy day. And  Thursday definitely let us know that it still owns Rocky Heights P&B. Oh goodness, although it was crazy, I got frustrated, my temper flared at times, and I may have almost blown a gasket, I still at the end of the day couldn’t help think about how incredibly blessed I am to have the job that I have, love what I do, and love the people I work with! I really do enjoy and love my job!

My cousin Reilly turned fourteen today!

It blows my mind & scares the daylights out of me that both her and my little brother will be behind the steering wheel of a car in a year. SCARY. Reilly is the one I talked about last week, that is all  into makeup clothing and accessories, which you know I absolutely LOVE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REILLY!! I hope your day was fantastic!

ALSO, my really great friend Amber had her sweet little baby today. So Happy Birthday to baby Claire Tucker and CONGRATS to you Ambs and Kyle!

NOW on to subject number TWO for the night, last weekend when I went to Huntsville, Frances and I of course spent a million hours in Sephora. I went crazy over the pantone color of the year ads and displays all over the place. I just couldnt help but stare in amazement at every single product and the beauty of each one of them.

So this weeks T.G.I. F. is all about some PANTONE!

Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Orange – you are oh so stunning.

Here are a few items I desperately NEED


I need SEPHORA SEPHORA SEPHORA!  I think a shopping trip is in my near future.

Tootlie Lou


A Beautiful Discovery: Dannijo

Earlier this week I came across this AMAZING company founded by two sisters who despite their young age, embraced their incredible passion for jewelry making and turned it into a perfectly fashioned business. There story is SO inspiring.


These pieces of jewelry are stunning to say the least. The last one is breathtaking .

I am in desperate need of a few pieces to finish up my entire Easter look. I hope I am able to find a few things that will really pull it all together!

Does everyone dress up special for Easter Sunday? I’m incredibly curious! My entire life, Easter Sunday attire has been something that my family has always planned out…I mean down to the tiniest details. I know the extreme that my family takes it to can’t be the norm, but is it common for people to purchase something specifically for Easter Sunday?

Give me your opinion in the comments section below!

Bysie for now.


Oh Target…

I have SPRINGfreakingFEVER
and something that is not in any way at all helping me out with this problem is TARGET.
I went to target on Sunday and was googly-eyed over all of there spring dresses.
And I also may, or may not have had a mini photo sesh in the fitting room. Okay, come on ladies, Don’t even act like you haven’t been guilt of this at some point.

TGIF this week is all about spring dresses!

Enjoy my mini photo shoot….
See what I mean? Oh Good Heavens. It’s not good!!! Do you have any idea how hard it was for me NOT to purchase every single dress. I wanted to, but the deal breaker was that I didn’t want to torture myself by having these adorable dresses hanging in my closet, but not being able to wear them because it isn’t quite really spring just yet. So, I’m holding off just a bit longer.
P.S. I am still head-over-heels in l.o.v.e. with my mockingjay necklace.
What are you LOVING this week??

Thank you Dr. Seuss

Thank you Dr. Seuss. I seriously will have this on the wall in my future house. When I find that one special person that God gave a weirdness to that is compatible with mine:) So exciting.

Here are a few Dr. Seuss finds that are FANTASTIC!

1 2 3 4

Dr. Seuss sure did brighten my day. It surely was a LONG day….one I am very thankful for. Just Looooonnngggg:)

How was yours? Night Loves.

P.S. Watch Idol? HEEJUN is my vote!! He’s the Winner. Tootlie Loos



I just discovered something wonderful!

Here are a few of the pieces that I am going CRAZY for

The last look is my FAVORITE by far! It’s so interesting.
Love love loveeee Chicwish.
Tomorrow I’m working then its time to go on a little trip with the family! 
I’m about to catch up on my shows, pack and read a bit.
Hope your day was lovely



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