Hey hey! I am dying over tonights top two.

I chose to pick two of my favorites pieces from THAKOON. And seriously….d y i n g. 

S t u n n i n g. G o r g e o u s. P e r f e c t.

Here are my top two. Enjoy.


Sleeveless Cross-Front Combo Dress

I love this dress because it has several different textures and patterns going on, but it isn’t overwhelmed by obnoxious colors.


Loving Loving this denim. 

Here are a few more of my FAVORITES…sorry I couldn’t resist.

I think I could post these photos all night.

Hope you enjoyed tonights GORGEOUS gorgeous g o r g e o u s post.

bysie bye





Had the BEST weekend with the best gal friend and her momma! We always have the best time in Huntsville. We might have shopped a little….but only a little. We relaxed, adventured to new places, and planned! I’d say it was a really successful weekend.

We went and saw the beautiful botanical gardens. our minds were blown. GORGEOUS. PERFECT. ahhhh.

Who’s ready for the coming weekend? THIS GIRL.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Oh p.s. new blog planning going on.


Maison Scotch. L o v e

Hi loves

Tonights Top two picks are by the WONDERFUL Maison Scotch. Here are my picks!


Sequin Collar Army Blouse


Printed Silky Pants

Here is a BEAUTIFUL Bonus!

Check out Maison Scoth and tell me a few of your favorites designs!

OH one last thing, I have a HAIR Appointment tomorrow woohooo!!!



Hey Hey!!

Since I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in decorating mode, this weeks top two is all about wall art! 

Here are my Top Two for this week


Moroccan Metal Pieces

by Moda Industia


Wood Grain World Map

by Right Grain

The last image Is my FAVORITE! It look SO much like my bed my dad and I built. 

I am LOVING My new apartment. It’s so warm feeling! I will definitely be posting a little looksie of it soon!

So tell me, what are some of your FAVORITE decor items?!?

Bye for now.



Today I am blogging from home…as in my Parents home in Birmingham. Took a late afternoon trip here yesterday. Had to take care of some business with a company here…and by take care of business, I mean I had to put my foot down and demand someones service that actually gives a flying-flip about their customers.

On to brighter, happier things. After putting my foot down I got to go to World Market and browse around with my mom and Reilly. LOVE world market. It’s such a fun fun store.

Here are a few photos from the past couple of days.

I have a baby shower to go to today. SUPER excited. Its for a lady who was like my second mom throughout my teenage years. I can definitely say with complete confidence that she is one of the main people that shaped me into the person I am today. She had such a huge influence on my life and I am beyond excited about seeing her today!

Another few hours to spend with the family, then Im off to Huntsville to pick up Frances!



MC Shoes

Hi there!!

It’s time for this weeks top two. This week its all about ModCloth. However, ModCloth has such a huge selection, that I have narrowed it down a tiny little bit. So tonight I am focusing on SHOES! As you know, this girl LOVES shoes.

So here are my Top Two ModCloth Shoe picks.


Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 9.41.58 PMDolce Vita Casual Traveler Boot


Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 9.43.53 PMRu-Stick With Me Bootie

ModCloth has some very unique shoes! Stop by and check all of them out. Then, feel free to share with me!

Bysie for now


Ronny Kobo

Lookbook TOP PICKS!!


NUMBER ONEShiran Maxi Dress


Olga Chevron Dress

Both of these looks are beyond stunning!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ronny Kobo.

Here is one other things I just die over…

What are your top two picks for this week??

Share share share!



Scotch & Soda

Here I am again…

Tuesday. Sitting here. Torture. Perfectly styled looks galore and I’m dying I do believe. This apparel is perfect. PERFECT. So after lots of torture, this weeks I’ve finally narrowed this weeks Top Two down to Scotch & Soda

Maison Scotch Women’s garments are so eye-catching!!! Here are my TOP TWO picks this week!


The pattern on this Tunic is so fun! And as far as colors, they compliment the pattern to a T!


What I LOVE about this look is the fitted corduroy underneath. It’s the perfect little addition. Well these are my top two picks!

I could list list list list list all of my favorites! But go on. Take a look at the site for yourself and pick your Top Two!

Bysie Bye


Pretty Garment Love

Here are a few pretties that I love….

1  2 3 4 5 6

like, LOVE.

sigh…. Sleep well friends and sweet dreams of pretty things.



Hi loves!

HAPPY FRIDAY NIGHT. Tonight Frances, Mary Mac, and I all went to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe that was put on by the Shoals Theater.

It was SO good. The cast did an awesome job. It really made us want to get involved with it.

Here’s a little doodle from tonight. I’ve been back to my normal self. I can’t lie to you….I’ve been in a really dry spell lately and I have HATED it. I think all of the overtime work really drained me physically and creatively. So I think giving myself a break has really helped! 

Tomorrow is going to be a FUN FAB day. We are heading to Mississippi for a shopping day. FUN!

Will definitely post photos.

P.s. I didn’t tell you. I’ve been getting headaches at LEAST once a week from straining my eyes at a computer all of the time. Finally, I had enough and made an eye doctors appointment. Solution. Glasses. Well, Dr. Moore called this morning saying my glasses were ready! Wahoooo. I have new glasses and can see!

Tootles for now




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