First & Last Day of My Weekend

Hi hi hiiiii.

I have missed my little blog SO much the past two days. I have been so busy, I haven’t even had time to touch my little maggie-pro (aka: my computer). 

Let me just give you the quickest rundown starting from Friday around 1:30 ish up until the current moment with a few photos…

okay okay, here is the photo translation incase you didn’t gather my weekend from lovely photographs…From start to finish:

Styled Raeghan’s hair for one of the two proms, I’ll be styling it again next friday! Took her to take lots of photographs with her friends. Went to the Lebanese Festival downtown. There was food, fun, and lots of dancing. Saturday from 8:30 to 5:00 consisted of possible the worst work day I’ve ever experienced at RH. Went to see Blue Like Jazz with one of my favorites, Tres & we took a photo of his name in the Credits of the movie…Pretty cool right! Overall, (minus work) my weekend has been pretty fantastic and lots of fun! 

Today is baptism service outside at Church 29:11. I am SO excited! 

I’ll be back later tonight my dear friends.




Burnt Marshmallows

Friday Night my friends Lindsay & Tripp had a Bonfire!
Here are a few photos from that night. Enjoy.

We had so much fun! We roasted (burned) marshmallows, some people made hot dogs. Chad played some guitar for us. We all had a great time. Most everyone stayed to camp out, but I had to leave early for Huntsville Saturday morning, so I just couldn’t talk myself into staying. Girls gotta get that beauty sleep :wink-wink:

Anyway. You will most likely be seeing these people on the blog more often. We had a lot of fun and hopefully will have another one soon. 

How was Monday for you? Mine was good. It went by fast so no complaints about that. I have a pretty busy week ahead, which includes working on Saturday. BOO. Who wants to do that? 

Oh well bysie for now


Little Ladies

I hope your Sunday was next to perfect.
In all honesty, mine was really close to it! I had such a fun day. I got to spend a couple of hours with some of my favorite little ladies, my cousins who mean the world to me.
These girls are indescribable and I am so blessed to have them in my life. They are more than just cousins to me, they are really wonderful and close friends as well! 
Today they helped me get some photographs for a pretty big blog post & we also treated ourselves to Starbucks. What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon surrounded by people who brighten any day. Love you girls thanks so much for helping your girl out.
Hope all of you lovely readers enjoyed our silly little photos.
bye for now
Oh P.S. the nickname “bB” actually came from these three girls! Raeghan was the first to call me bB since she’s the oldest of the three sisters. She couldn’t say Brianna when she was little, so since my last name also starts with a “B” she started calling me bB and it’s my absolute FAVORITE nickname and always will be…
Also another thing that is REALLY fascinating and AWESOME to me,
is that I drive a Scion xB.
In JAPAN the make & model of my car is actually called a TOYOTA bB!!! It’s that amazing. We were just made for one another. Anyway bye for now!

A few iphone photos

YES! SUNDAY… favorite favorite day of the week, which you know. ha I think I go on about this every single sunday. My apologies;)

I had a pretty GREAT weekend. It went like this…

Really enjoyed an Alabama Gymnastics meet against North Carolina with a few friends, Donnie, Chris and Mel B.

Good Golly, they were TERRIBLE. It was somewhat frustrating how bad North Carolina competed. The tide gymnasts did amazing….as usual. They are a really great team and killed NC.

I worked out by doing a little body flow, I cleaned out all of my winter clothes, made a donation to the King’s Ranch, tested my tumbling abilities to see if I still was capable of doing a few flips, I am incase you were curios. I read…A whole LOT!, I painted my nails. I tanned. I shopped Hobby Lobby for some new fabric, No LUCK! Made a trip to Target and had a nice relaxing evening catching up with my friend Shelbey while designing a few invitations. Oh and we browsed around Books-a-million for some new reads.

P.S. Have I told you how amazing AVON Mascara products are. Seriously, I used to have Microscopic Eyelashes. Somehow, after beginning to use Avons Mascaras, my eyelashes grew so much!!! I am loving the Extra Everlasting Mascara in Black!

Hope you have an amazing little Sunday! Enjoy it before we get slammed with another work week!

tootles for now loves



Yes Yes Yes!!!
I have regret. TERRIBLE Regret to be quite honest with you.
I tried on THE MOST adorably pretty white dress this weekend when I went shopping with my mom! 
I’m sort of in love with it and and now REALLY wish I would have gotten it.
Just take a look at it…

 Did I make a mistake? Should I go back and see if it is still there!?!

I couldn’t quite decide if it was too fluffy but now I’m thinking no, it wasn’t at all.

Opinions anyone?

Also, Tomorrow is the SECOND EDITION of the new Top Two Tuesday!!! I have had a few of you give me your input on your favorite online shops but still need more, so please let me know what YOUR favorite online shop is so you can be a part of my weekly TOP TWO posts.

Tootles for now


So She Treated Herself

Do you ever feel like you just deserve something? Like you’ve worked hard. You have completed everything you had on your to-do list and you just owe it to yourself!

Well, that’s exactly how I felt on friday when I left work. I had a good lunch with two of my favorite people, Donnie & Chris.

We went to Edgar’s. We sat outside in the oh so beautiful weather. I LOVED it!

When I left there I treated myself to some nail polish that I had been so anxiously waiting to come out.

First of all, How in the beautiful world could I not want a product when the Ad campaign has such brilliant styling and photography. It’s truly mind boggling and I would love to live in a world where I could dress like this

This polish is so sooo pretty. I just love it. I’m saving it as a reward until my terrible nails have grown out….what can I say, I might have a terrible habit of biting my nails. ew. I know.

When I got home, my Valentine’s gift from myself came in the mail from England!

I had been waiting so patiently on my gift to arrive. It took almost two weeks for it to get here…..that can seem like an eternity when you are anxiously waiting on something.

My Necklace was in a really adorable box and when I opened it, it was even more adorable than I had remembered! I. Love. It and you will probably get really sick of seeing it. Apologies in advance.

SATURDAY, I wen to see Wicked

my attire you ask?

Stripped Grey & Black Sweater from American Eagle and Back Palazzo Pants! Pretty simple. comfortable. but fashionable…just the way I like it! Shoes, Black Nine West Wedges.

My Makeup, all by avon…where can you get it? Me of course! If you have makeup questions please feel free to email me and I will defintely answer your questions!

How was your friday and saturday? Hopefully as good as mine!

bye for now loves


Brianna’s Weekly Review



Hey friendies.

I apologize for missing weekly review last week! I just now realized that I did that. So sorry. This week SO MUCH went on. It was a fantastic week and I have lots to share.



This week, I worked an extra day at work, and it blew my mind how much one extra day at work can lengthen an entire work week. BUT, I will say, that it is something I could definitely get used to, because I do love it when the check comes in. 


I got to see Michael this weekend! YAY. I miss him. We spent Saturday helping in Pratt City with the Tornado Relief!

It was awesome the set-up that this city had to help the citizens in their community. They really really were doing an amazing job and it was so organized!



I bought a hat from Target, very similar to this one, except its Khaki. I was so excited when I found it because I have REALLY been wanting a hat for the pretty sunny weather that I believe is going to fill my summer. AND a bonus was it was only $10 tax and all:)


(My pup just sneezed it was real cute haha) anyway back to the LESSON. This week, I learned a whole lot, but yesterday,I learned  something very specific. As I mentioned in my last post, at the end of spending an entire day of working with tornado relief, it still feels short of being any help what-so-ever. But, yesterday I realized that these people who have been victims of this tragedy, they are so grateful for the small things that we are doing.

The small efforts that each person takes, all adds up to one huge difference!

The people we fed yesterday, were so grateful for that small hamburger, bag of chips, and mini snicker bar! Our efforts to serve them, to reach out to touch their lives and show God’s love for them, not only touched the life of the people in need, but touched my own life as well.



So as you see, I did get my dinner at Genghis Grill!


I think it was even better this time, than the first time I went. The atmosphere was a little different than the first time I went, but the first time I went was during lunch, and there was hardly a crowd. Last night it was rather crowded!

But it didn’t take too long:) It was AWESOME! Can’t wait to go again!!


I have some painting work that I need to get started and finished! The deadline is approaching pretty quickly!

I need to make more skirts!

Oh the future is unpredictable, but no worries I will definitely keep you up to date with everything that is going on in my world!

I have plans, really really great plans. 

Bye for now


Brianna’s Weekly Review





Why so? A lot went on this week. A TON actually. Avon stuff, Work (Rocky Heights) stuff, church, Shopping, Concerts, shopping some more. A holiday. Pretty EVENTFUL:)



AND here it is. The BIG reveal of my EASTER DRESS.

Yes thats right. I did make it. I had my doubts throughout the process, but it turned out exactly how I had envisioned it. I love it and so many other people did as well.

& just like all of the other family get-togethers, this one, for my dad, ended the same was as always

with a nap.



I bought some Easter shoes and a dress while shopping with one of my favorites FRANCES!


to Never EVER go to the summit on Good Friday! Traffic = Terrible! But, it isnt too bad when have a great friend to keep you company. 


Easter this year was super fantastic.

I love being with my family more than anything.

I wouldnt trade them for the world.


MORE SKIRTS! SKIRTS SKIRTS. AVON. WORK. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. A fun Little creators party. A beach trip.

How was your EASTER? please please please tell. I love to hear all about it.



Brianna’s Weekly Review

How was the weekend friend?

I hope fantastic for you!

Here is a glance at my previous week!!!




can I just be honest. I felt somewhat hollow this weekend without spending time with my mom. NO GOOD. My mom is a BEACH lover. The lady lives for the beach, so any chance or offer she gets on a beach get-a-way, BAM she’s off in a split second. Well, this happened this weekend. No no no My mom would have NEVER gone, if we cared that she did, but my dad, brother, and I all know how much she LOVES it, so of course we didn’t care. We did Miss her SO much though. I hate when she is gone.



Friday night, was pretty special to me.

My Grandmommy, and her sisters who are all so SO close, asked me to come to a dinner show with them. They are HUGE Elvis fans, and quite honestly HUGE doesn’t even really grasp the amount of a fan that they are. Anyway, to be invited on one of their “sister” outings, feels like a rather big deal, simply because I know how they all cherish there “sister time” so much and really take it all to heart. So, that’s why I feel so special to have been asked on one of their outings.

So we went to an Elvis Dinner Show. It was SO much fun and I hope I get to go again with them. They really are a whole lot of fun.



Lets see….spending. I actually am trying to save for all of my weekend summer trips. I have a bunch of fun stuff planned for this summer and I will definitely need money for that 🙂 sooo I am saving, which isn’t really at all out of the ordinary for me. I’m quite a money hoarder, and that’s no exaggeration.


“We are settling for a Christianity that revolves around catering to ourselves when the central message of Christianity is actually about abandoning ourselves.”

-David Platt


This is somewhat a lesson, but I’m using it as a quote taken straight from my Best Friend Trés!

He preached a GREAT GREAT GREAT message on Wednesday night


1. Seize God’s Vision

2. Activate your Faith


If you want more info about this please do ASK!

I will be glad to share with you:)


I went with my BESTIE cousin RAEGHAN to get all dolled up for her Junior Prom!

She looked GORGEOUS and Mr. Josh Roy looked like a hunk!

They are TOO adorable:)


Oh ME I have a HUGE week ahead and SO much to do. But I have a fun filled weekend to look SO forward to!

no worries Ill be here all throughout the week.

Oh p.s. today has been filled of creative time so I have tons to share!

later dolls



Brianna’s Weekly Review

Hi hi my favorite people.

I hope you have had a very blessed Monday. So sorry my weekly review post is a day late. But, here it is none the less.





this weekend was full of absolutely GORGEOUS weather. It was PERFECT. I am such a WARM weather girl. I am a very busy person. I stay busy, and that is just the way I love every single day. I do like to “go-go-go” as my mama says. I am always looking for something to do. BUT, I realized over the weekend, that as long as it’s pretty and sunny out, I can be pretty content. I thoroughly enjoyed the weather on Saturday. I literally just sat, sat, and sat  some more on the sidewalk out in front of my house. I was just watching, listening, talking to mom,  reading. I also picked a fresh rose from my dad’s rose bushes, and wore it in my hair for a little while:)  It was SUCH a great day.


Our Mylee girl got a new hair cut. She got a little rough looking there for a little while.



My mom and I went on a little shopping spree this weekend. The warm weather gave me a really bad itch for some new shorts. I am SO overly picky about my shorts. I can not stand short shorts, like AT ALL. I was rather appalled at the length of the shorts in Abercrombie. But each to their own I guess. So I got two pair of shorts. Khaki (white) and Navy! I love love love them. I also got a really adorable baby blue shirt. I haven’t tried it on yet, but I just know the shade of blue, will bring out my blue eyes,

which is always a plus right??


“To Experience the EPIC, You have to Live the EPIC.”

We started a new series at church on Sunday. Please PLEASE if you have any time  listen to Pastor Rick’s podcast. Sunday’s message was awesome. I left feeling more inspired than I have been in a really long time and I really REALLY needed that. I am so excited and anxious to see what God has in store for me this year. He has something great, and I believe it without one ounce of doubt.

PLEASE PLEASE just listen to ONE podcast, and I promise it will change you.


this week, I learned that laughter seriously is the absolute BEST medicine. Friday, I wasn’t feeling so great. I stayed up way too late on Thursday night, and I guess I can admit that I was a little bit on the ill side. But, my dad came home from work early to do some work at the house and during the mean time, he made a video in photobooth that I have watched at least a million times since he made it.

You can watch the video HERE if you want:) hahaahaaaaa


Michael and I rode my little brothers bike together for a few seconds in the sunshine on Saturday! It was so fun. Michael drove the Bike, and I rode on the back standing on the pegs. It was something so small, but it was so fun and cute. Then he proceeded to show me how high he could bunny hop! That was pretty impressive!

Another FUN FUN FUN memory from this past week, was the BARITONES.

A really REALLY adorable Lounge and Grill. Every friday night, they have karaoke and the winner gets $50. then at the end of the month, all of the winners from each week come together for a huge competition where the winner wins $200. It’s really FUN! The diner is super cute and decorated so so perfectly! I am so anxious to go back!


THE MAIN thing that I am working on, and you should be getting some updates on throughout the week (hopefully) is my Easter Dress!

I am OVERLY ecstatic to get to work on it. It’s going to be SO perfect!

Some really FUN planning going on for a trip to see some really fun and amazing people. Cruise planning. Tanning. Weddings all weekend. More hours at work. little creators planning. Avon work. getting things planned and ready for my trip to Florence on the 16th. many many many little things going on that add up to a WHOLE LOT going on.

That’s a little glance at my week and weekend!

How was your week last week. Please share. and if you do join in on a weekly post, please let me know so I can read about it. I really do love to read about everyone’s  lives.

tootles till next time!






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