OH why?

One of these days I’m going to learn to not completely TORTURE myself by looking at precious precious apparel. If I just wouldn’t look….Goodness Brianna, when in the world are you going to learn?

I could cry over all of these. I want. I need. 

Oh So so sooooo soooo LOVELY.

Yep definitely adding to the not too ridiculously long wish list of mine.

What’s making up your wish list right now? Do Share.

bysie bye 


About itsybitsybrianna

I'm a mid-twenty year old little lady. I live for those "ah haaa" moments where my creativity completely takes over my mind. In that place, I am able to take what others consider a "nothing", and turn it into a true beauty. This is what I want to do everyday for the rest of my life. New doors are being open in my life from constant faith and prayer knowing that God has complete control over everything in my life. LIVE. LOVE. CREATE. INSPIRE

One response to “OH why?

  1. I just got a lot of inspiration, why is the clock 22:00?? I want to go shopping 😀

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