Weekend Fun

Last night I finally FINALLY got t catch up with Adrianne.

The last time that I had seen here was on my 23rd Birthday. So, it had been well over an entire year that I had seen her. As you see, we have FUN when we are ALL together. we absolutely 100% missed Frances though! 

We had an asian dinner and Rivertown coffee after that. We talked about so many things. God things. Good God things. We walked around downtown and talked more. Adrianne honestly is a gem. She’s crazy. Very VERY spontaneous. Actually might be the most spontaneous and adventurous person that I know. Always full of surprises. God’s love just basically pours out of her without her even saying a word. It’s so amazing to see. I’m so thankful for her friendship and we will NOT go an entire year without seeing each other ever again. Love you A.

Today I am going to church. Then to lunchy with Adrianne and her church friends. Then tonight we are having a baby gender reveal party and I am SO SOOOO excited.

oh by the way….Frances and her mom have been out of town all weekend. I am SUPER ready for them to be back. 

Come Home Bestie. Boooohooo I miss you.

tootles for now



About itsybitsybrianna

I'm a mid-twenty year old little lady. I live for those "ah haaa" moments where my creativity completely takes over my mind. In that place, I am able to take what others consider a "nothing", and turn it into a true beauty. This is what I want to do everyday for the rest of my life. New doors are being open in my life from constant faith and prayer knowing that God has complete control over everything in my life. LIVE. LOVE. CREATE. INSPIRE

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