Dear Arizona

Dear Arizona,

Sedona to be specific….I miss you terribly bad and would do almost anything to feel your warmth and air on my face. I want to see your beautiful sunrise and step foot on your deep red grounds. Have you ever visited a place that is so beautiful you simply cant describe it? That’s how I am when it comes to Sedona. I want.need.must go back soon. But this time, I need to be there longer where I can truly grasp more of it. 

This week, my top two is all about my trip to Sedona.

My two FAVORITE photos from Sedona are 


Yes. That background is REAL. I know it’s hard to imagine such beauty but it. is. REAL.


YES. That’s real too and it isn’t edited in any way at all. This is just how GORGEOUS it is. It’s breath-taking. Oh and HI THERE SNOOPY! See Snoopy on his back?

Well Here are TWO BONUS PHOTOS! I just couldnt stick with only two with so much beauty going on.

Where have you been thats just breath-taking that you want.need.must. go back to?

maybe I need to go? ALSO, Frances and I are going to NASHVILLE next month! Any special places we need to check out while we’re there?!?

Bysie Bye 



About itsybitsybrianna

I'm a mid-twenty year old little lady. I live for those "ah haaa" moments where my creativity completely takes over my mind. In that place, I am able to take what others consider a "nothing", and turn it into a true beauty. This is what I want to do everyday for the rest of my life. New doors are being open in my life from constant faith and prayer knowing that God has complete control over everything in my life. LIVE. LOVE. CREATE. INSPIRE

One response to “Dear Arizona

  1. i madly love vino’s wine bar in nashville. 🙂

    also, now I want to go to Arizona! 🙂 I’ve been to Phoenix once… driving through when I moved to San Diego. It was pretty, but I didn’t get to spend a lot of time there. My grandma was born in AZ & my great grandpa was living there at the time. Anyway. 🙂

    You must must see: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (such a fun, airy little place) & well, anywhere in San Diego. 🙂

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