>Creative Share: Pretty Pretty Pillows


Every single Lovely Wednesday
The Trendy Treehouse hosts one of my absolute FAVORITE things

It’s such a BLAST, and I learn so much!
In a previous post, I mentioned that I had been working on some cute little pillows

I thought I would share with you the very simple process I used to cover the pillows that I was using!

EASY EASY EASY way to cover
Measure the pillow you are covering horizontally, and vertically.
Add one inch
to each sides measurement.
[My pillows were 7in x 7in, therefore adding the one inch makes the measurement I need 8 inches]

Measure TWO 8in x8in pieces of fabric and cut them out.
Turn the pieces of fabric together where their patterned sides are face to face
Now pin these pieces together

Next, Sew a 1/2 inch seam down each side, leaving one side with an opening
[like the image below]

Snip the very corners of the covering, so that it creates nice corners after you stuff the cover with the pillow.
Turn the covering right side in, then iron!
 It is VERY important to Iron down the seams. This sets the seams, and makes a better appearance.
So, although it doesn’t seem like this step would be important, It actually REALLY REALLY is.

Stuff the covering with the pillow, 
then close up the opening by using a slip stitch method.
Slip stitching is SUPER simple, and quick.
you can learn how HERE

and Here are some PILLOW PRETTIES

[1 2 3 4 5 6 7]
Soooo Pretty

I hope your Wednesday was wonderful!
Mine sure was.

Im off for a little movie time with the ladies

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About itsybitsybrianna

I'm a mid-twenty year old little lady. I live for those "ah haaa" moments where my creativity completely takes over my mind. In that place, I am able to take what others consider a "nothing", and turn it into a true beauty. This is what I want to do everyday for the rest of my life. New doors are being open in my life from constant faith and prayer knowing that God has complete control over everything in my life. LIVE. LOVE. CREATE. INSPIRE

11 responses to “>Creative Share: Pretty Pretty Pillows

  1. >very cute! and i'm so SO glad you did a post about this! andy has been asking me to pick up some throw pillows for our couch! well, for my bday my grandparents got me a sewing machine (OHHH YAYYY!!! i'm so so excited!) and my gma gave me some pillows- so covering them will be my first project! πŸ™‚ well, pillow covers and aprons and pillowcase dresses πŸ™‚

  2. >Oh my gosh. I LOVE the one with the face. I want one just like it! I don't really sew too much because of the lack of quality supplies, but this is the cutest pillow I think I've ever seen! Great seams, too! Very even and pro-looking. πŸ™‚

  3. >I love your super cute pillows! The fabrics are so pretty – remind me of Pottery-barnish Crate and Barrel-ish patterns. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. >Thanks for the comment at Keeping Up With The Thomases! If you love blueberries, you've got to try that recipe! HEAVEN! Now if I could just learn to sew some cute pillows like these, I'd be in business. πŸ™‚

  5. >I wish I could sew, I'm envious of your talents! Love the pillows, this is a great DIY project!

  6. >Can you share some of that talent with me lady? I am sewing challenged. AH HA! Thank you so much for joining our network!

  7. >oh I love the pillows! That sounds so easy too! I'll have to try it :)By the way..send me your email address..Perricone wants it!

  8. >Adorable! You almost make me think I could make these πŸ˜‰

  9. >I loooove it!Youre inspiring me, girl!

  10. Loved these! Super pretty. You made the instructions so simple and straight forward. Thanks so much for sharing as always. Very much enjoyed and make super great home made gifts for friends and family. I made some for Mother’s Day and wish I would have made some for myself as they came out so beautiful. If they weren’t wrapped already I would be sending you over a picture.

  11. Very simple and beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I have some fabric that I designed at spoonflower.com/profiles/glendat
    Tell me what you think and if you want to use some of my designs.

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